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single is not a status

I don’t know how many of you have ever played video games, but for those who have this post will be much easier to understand.

Why? Because video games have this option of saving a game from time to time and then loading it every time you need. In real life that doesn’t work quite so, but there is a „feature” you can save and to which you can always go back to.


Relationships are like video games: unless you invest in yourself and „SAVE” from time to time, a separation will undoubtedly send you back to zero. And in this case zero is that depression in which you question your value/ values, when you give up all the things you believed in for the impression of a relationship and when nothing around you seems good enough.

Single is not a status!!! Single is  like loading the game! It’s back to yourself and all the things you have built within.

MYSELF comes from a self part that is mine and mine only. It’s that part that I have conquered or discovered, I have shaped and colored, I have improved… We all have the option to choose what we define ourSELVES through. But take my word for it that using a relation for this is not the best or smartest thing you can do.

So…you are not single or in a relationship. YOU are or not WHO YOU ARE! Single/ relationships are just fazes of a life time game!

So SAVE and LOAD until you reach your destination!


„In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Credite Carinei