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negotiable truths

„Reality” can easily slide in your mind and insert there the idea of truth. School teaches you that universe has certain absolute truths, that there are axioms and irrefutable statements.

Growing up with all these you stop wondering at a certain point, you shut down your curiosity and limit your creativity until you reach the point where you are told that questions are the key to knowledge and there is nothing that multiple perspectives can’t change or solve.

At the time I’m writing this I’m watching the bubbles from my glass of beer climbing upwards. I might just as well be the only (sober) person contemplating alcohol in order to think about truths. After all, I am having a beer…

I find believing , simply believing, a very hard thing to do. I can believe in people, in feelings, in emotions…however vague believes are too hard to grasp for me. But everything proves itself to be vague in the end and the whole reality is nothing more but a bunch of negotiable truths.

Why negotiable?

Because they work pretty much like this:

1) first, we give up a bit on what we believe to be real in order to reach a common ground;

2) secondly, we push people around to accept or to come to the same meaning for „reality” as we did, so that we wouldn’t need to doubt our own choices;

3) the third step consists in setting so often middle lines, and common truth grounds that we can never know what was real in the beginning;

4) last step is simple and painful: the attempt to remember who you are/ were!

Some things are not negotiable and that is why I dare to believe what I say, to respect what I think and express my appreciation towards what I like. World is a manipulative playground but my mind can just as well do its best in throwing the ball back, out of my court.