Showing my cards

cloud flamesI guess that I should start my blogging mission with a short description of what it is that I want to do and some information about myself.

There’s not much to say about me since my life is still in its early stage and there’s still so much to see and so much to do. I can, however, say that I generally achieved my goals: I went to the high-school I thought I hated most and managed to like it till the end, I subscribed to an university I considered to be something totally different and I got used to what it actually was, and now I’m trying a career that I expected to be way different so I find myself again in the „getting used to this too” faze.

Basically fate has been taking good care of me since I do not regret any of these courses of events. What I do regret is that I am generally so surprised it happens I forget to make the most of it.

So I decided to start a blog. So far nothing special.

Why „2bsmart”?

The main purpose of this blog is teaching myself stuff and sharing my newly acquired knowledge, but also making a difference in my life approach. Basically I’m too bored of thinking about a way to fake a diary that I considered a blog would be funner.

About the fact that „I’m blogging it!” all I have to say is that I did not think of any fast food when I chose it and I definitely did not have in mind any hidden advertising strategy.

About my general self: I’ve got nothing special from the other people except my imagination. And may I say that when I imagine I’m sick things tend to get real;).

I live, I laugh and cry, I have fun and get bored but at the end of the day I stop and dream…a lot. And one of my biggest dreams is making people realize they can change the world. It may sound naive and foolish but it helps me sleep knowing that I won yet another day of not giving up in front of the so called „reality”.

Someone once told me: „Keep dreaming and do not rely to what other call reality because sometimes your dreams are the real-reality!” and that sounded wise enough to be followed.

12 responses to “Showing my cards

  1. Hello there!! It’s interesting what you have said so far, although you have not shown any cards, or at least lets just say you have shown just a pair, while you still hold down on some aces! Anyone has a pair!!!

    I think it is not about WHY 2bsmart, it is all about HOW 2bsmart, because many know why 2bsmart but only few know how 2bsmart!

    Of course, there isn not any reason at all to advertise your cards on the net, altough you may be bluffing!:))

    When you imagine you’re sick and it tends to get real.. it’s not new, it’s about autosuggestion, or about the power of mind over mater, at least i think that…

    And of course, i can not response to your quote but with another quote: „All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream!”, as E.A.P. once wrote!

    No one knows for shure what is reality and what is fiction or dream, i think you agreee with me on this at least:), and all we can do is to live in our reality, and as you said, try to make others a part of our own reality, as long as we are not cought by other realities!

    Hope you enjoyed this!

  2. Thank you justDan for your very well pinned remarks.

    As a „player” I will reserve my right to get back to you with some observations: what E. A. P. said is resemblant to what many other philosophers said: reality is what you chose to see and perceive.

    Quoting that, however, and expecting me to show my cards because I might be bluffing don’t go very well together. What would bluffing mean in a reality you can doubt anytime? Wouldn’t be like making reality doubt itself? My rationing might seem like it’s lacking sense in this case, but I never start the game with my aces. There’s a saying about the aces in the sleeve you know:).

    In what „why 2bsmart” is concerned, it meant why I chose that user name. And I don’t advertise my cards, I just play online if we could say so ;).

    Just one more thing: what nationality are you so I would now if you would notice any of my aces I might show in my Romanian posts?

    Thank you and keep reading, maybe you’ll see a full house or a royal flush one day ;).

  3. I really don’t doubt the fact that you don’t bluff. By that i meant that although you have a weak hand, you still press on the game hoping that the adversary will withdraw, not that you should show my cards because you might be bluffing; that’s the idea of the game after all.

    Regarding the aces, no one begins the game with them; one should be insane, foul, or pretty damn shure of what he gots (more than 4 aces…:)) )

    I apologize for misunderstanding your user name..:) i just meant it from my point of view… i understand that you play a game online.. perhaps out of being bored or something, or the feel to expres yourself in a public way…. again, this is my point of view….

    Btw, i would notice any aces you might show in your Romanian posts being that i am a romanian my self, and you would be surprised perhaps to find out that you know me… but that is for the next round… and i think you have the upper hand now that i have revealed one of my aces:)

    I’m convinced that you could do more than a royal flush..:)

    Good luck!!!

  4. 🙂 I knew from the beginning who you are but I wanted to see if you’ll admit it or play around.

    I’m glad you’re well.

    See ya!

  5. 🙂 perhaps u did know from the beginning but who says that we can’t still play around?? that if u still wanna do it..:)
    hope u weren’t dissapointed that i admited it….

    Keep it on, you’re doing a great job, at least i like it..:)

    Bye bye!

  6. jeeez, you lost me after the freakin’ picture. What are you guys smoking? Gimme some 😀

  7. Welcome to my blog, George!
    I don’t know if I should but I’ll take your comment as a compliment! Btw, no smoking in the house! 😉

  8. ce pufosi sunt norii 😀

    Tu ai facut poza?

  9. 🙂 Nu…din pacate.

    Fotografia e facuta de cineva din familie din elicopter,a sta explica si aspectul oarecum inedit al imaginii.

    Mi-ar fi placut totusi sa fiu unde-s si norisorii ;)!

  10. Buna Bogdan! Bine ai venit!

  11. this kind of writing makes me dare to expect more from life and possible future friends.

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