on the art of surviving

To be or not be…it’s a piece of crap! And by this I do not refer to Shakespeare’s work, cause I’m too tired for that, but to the statement that is still considered to be…intriguing.

Well yes, I repeat, intriguing or not, thinking about this is useless. It’s NEVER this simple! It’s never about TO BE or NOT.

BEING is a thing that grows with you, considering how much of a BEING you want/ choose to be.

So BEING comes around your life pretty much like this:

– in childhood you wonder mostly „who are they”/ or „what are they?” or in your early years your main question will be „is this edible?”;

– in teenage it’s all about „who am I?”, even though 99% of the emo kids nowadays live by the question „WHY ME?”;

– in your early youth you are pretty much concerned about what to do with what you may have found out in teenage you were – so it’s a lot about „WHO do I want/ need to become?’

– in your mid-life crisis you doubt everything , you regret a bunch of stuff, you go back to your old habbits that make you think you were younger and then ask yourself „who have I truly become?” or „how did I become this?„;

– and then you’re old and some joke of a human being comes up to you, after all the struggle and questioning, and says : „IT’S ALL ABOUT TO BE OR NOT TO BE!”

If that happens to me when I’m old, I swear to God I throw my walking device into him! Actually, I’ll throw something at the person who says that to me now.

It’s not about saying…to be or not to be!!!! but about saying I want to be, and I’ll just as well give my best to make a difference.

It’s not about the world today!!! It’s about us who make the world today! It’s us who don’t stand by each other’s side cause we have a movie to watch and it’s us who teach our (future) children to guide themselves by money and wonder what the hell did we do wrong when 20 years later he doesn’t give a damn about who gave birth to them.

Oh, it is us who hurt eachother! Like the old saying „Guns don’t hurt people! PEOPLE hurt PEOPLE!”. So it’s all about the art of surviving if you see your life like a war, but it’s never about a simple choice unless you are selfish and you are seriousely lacking self esteem.

3 responses to “on the art of surviving

  1. I through my walking device into him – wasn’t it really throw? 😛

  2. Corect, desi credeam ca am corectat asta! 😛 Oricum, e bine ca mai e cineva atent la ce scriu ;)!

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