my journey


Signs of doubt will always be simple rocks on a pathway. If you keep looking at the sometimes in your life you might end up tripping on something that was never meant or capable of endangering your goal.

I truly believe we are born to learn a set of lessons and to make a difference. Also, I believe we are born to accomplish something…and unless you will try find out what that something is you haven’t outlived …your life. The small things that grow in time, the big things that become smaller in time…the small things that stay small but matter or the big things that will be big forever: all these last longer that we do.

It might sound childish but I am a fan of the fortune cookies on Facebook. Why? Because I’m in a transition period from one life stile to another, from one life approach to another…from something to „a something else”. And every time I open one it strikes me: there are so many wiser things I could be doing than worrying…

Today’s fortune cookie say: „Sometimes the object of the journey is not the end, but the journey itself.”

So that might be my journey and I’m planning to make a difference.

One response to “my journey

  1. Thanks for taking us, your readers, in your journey. 🙂

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