emotions that nurture emotions

Rainbow-kids-714Hi, I’m here! I am inside you. I am so…shiny! I wish you would see me more often and pay more attention to what I tell you.

I was there when you cuddled in your mother’s womb and I was there when you first touched your parents skin. I was there when you were crying as well as when you laugh.

You may not remember the way you felt when your mom first hugged you, when her tears poured on your skin and her exhausted, slightly scared eyes wrapped you in the most tender looks you may ever be wrapped in.I was there when your dad squeezed you like a lime fruit to show all his affection at once, when your brother or sister said they loved you first.

Unfortunately I was there when you lost your bike, when you failed the exams, when you fell or when you got depressive because your girlfriend/boyfriend left you. I was there when they all yelled at you, when the world seemed like a storm…I was there, I am here, you never lost me…

because I am your emotions!

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