On love at 1000 degrees Celsius

Love is probably one of the most complicated customs humanity has invented.

We are taught to love simply, totally, passionately, humbly, open-mindedly, supportively, in a manner that would help the other person, called partner, grow and blossom so that you could continuously provide each other the hoped/ dreamed happiness.

We are also taught that love involves some rough seas, but true love (as if we knew very well what love is so we can make it TRUE and FALSE) can survive everything.

We watch movies, cartoons, videos or read books and poems that speak about this fantastic love we all grow to hope for… the way younger Amerindian tribe members used to dream to adulthood.

And we grow up and look for IT, and search madly for that partner, for that soul mate and categorize relationships into IT or NOT IT, wonder every time we start a new relation if HE/ SHE is THE ONE…

Love has a whole mythology of its own and even in a time so non-sacred when the most important Gods are wealth and money we believe in IT, in prince Charming and/ or Cinderella, in the two souls that perfectly match each other.

What if its just a myth and a lot of compromises?

Love is for me the thing that makes my head boil and get every particle of my body under a huge pressure. Love is what drives me crazy not what educates me, it’s what makes me want to run around not what makes me want to lay down. Love is happiness and fun, is the harmony each needs not the harmony we all should accept. Love is energy and a perspective.

Prince Charming can take his fairy tale character and go look for a Cinderella. I don’t want just affection and protection. I need a feeling that boosts the simple joy of waking up in the morning, something that replaces coffee and makes me enjoy sunrises and sun dusks, the feeling that wraps me around when I have succeeded something and have a person next to me who can take as much pleasure as I do in the success.

But I have to be able to offer this person the same satisfaction and unique harmony otherwise is just another superficial fairytale with little flavour and a lot of lines.

4 responses to “On love at 1000 degrees Celsius

  1. Ma bucur ca nu ai renuntat la blog. Incepusem sa-mi fac griji. Welcome back ! Faci un efort mic sa scrii mai des, ce zici ? 🙂

  2. Multumesc ca nu ai renuntat sa urmaresti blogul si promit sa il administrez mai atent de acum incolo. Si cine stie, poate ies pe piata cu o varianta mai profesionista gen 2bsmart reloaded ;).

  3. mda…. long time no writing…. glad 2 u’r still alive & kickin’…… on topic: dragostea-i altceva pentru fiecare…unii se indragostesc de bani.. altii de nimicuri.. altii de ei insisi… si prea putini de o alta persoana… si fiecare isi exprima dragostea intr-un alt fel… cineva poate iubi, fara sa arate, sau poate fi posesiv fara a iubi… and so on… i think that love actually means leting the other one be happy..no matter what that means.. the trick is to know what makes the other one happy… but then again.. this is just me….. May you be loved! May you be happy!

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