Words…mine, yours and ours

What are words?

Now really…are words the little stones on the path of life or the walls of a maze? Do words help you go through your problems, through yours issues, help you express your happiness or do they get everything so complicated you can never undo or run away from what was said? Do they give you freedom or limit your expressions to what has already been said?

I guess words, as well as freedom, love, life, music, joy etc. are what you make of them but I must say words are the thing that drive me most crazy.

I need words so I can know but most of the time I know the words before they come out. The worst case is when you hope the words that reach you will totally differ form the worst case scenario in your head and…they don’t. SO then you hate words. You hate that they can get to you so badly…and even then you think in words.

SO…after all…can we not like words, can we avoid them or is denying their strength like denying ourselves?

P.S.: I like jokes so I must say at least for the sake of laughing WORDS are my favorite game ;)!

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