„Do-ers versus Thinkers” and „the power to make it happen”

Some time ago I was told that the world is made out of people who do things and the other ones who can’t do them so they talk about them, think about them and try explain them to the other people.

Now what happens if I am one of those people who are thinking about doing and my „doings” end up with other people thinking. I like thinking as I like teaching others if I can. The problem is that doing is as fun if not funner. But could we become doers without knowing how both states are? Can we DO without consulting our thinker part or THINK and explain without having tried anything in practice?

Guess not!

Also, there are people who make things happen and people to whom things happen. Big difference, little solutions: if you are used to expect things to come to you, then it would be hard for you to grasp the concept of „make it happen” and you are definitely not part of the „just do it” audience. A person who knows how to make things happen will also find it hard to stop oneself from controlling everything around.

The message behind this is: DO and/or THINK, anyway enjoy what happens to you as much as what you allow to happen. Life is just a puzzle game so if you don’t figure that on time you might be playing the wrong game until the end.

4 responses to “„Do-ers versus Thinkers” and „the power to make it happen”

  1. yeah , you rushed this out a little bit, i think you should take your own advice from here and do and think not just do straight away.

    Or you know just DO and then be prepared to think of how to get yourself out of the stuff that MAY happen after you do, that would be a funner challenge, i think anyway.

  2. Cred ca sunt doua chestii aici:
    1. Sa faci lucrurile care trebuie (eficacitate);
    2. Sa faci cum trebuie – rapid / mult etc (eficienta).

    Tu mergi pe eficienta. Dar daca stai si te gandesti, si eficacitatea e Ok, nu e chiar de lepadat sa faci fix lucrurile care trebuie. 🙂

    Asa. Iti recomand, pe aceeasi idee, o campanie care a luat Marele Premiu la Cannes in 2008:

    E unul din top 3 clipuri favorite de-ale mele:

    Iti dai seama ca in India, tara a filozofiei, prinde foarte bine un apel la miscare. 🙂

  3. Foarte, foarte fain clipul! Iti multumesc! Chiar nu-l stiam, dar pot intelege de ce e in acel top :)!

  4. Cu placere, ma bucur ca iti place. 🙂

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