The smiling game

For a while now I’ve been doing this little experiment related to smiling.

The main idea is that I tried to smile as much as to as many people as possible and checked their reaction.

The motivation was the fact that I considered that Romanians do not smile enough.

The result: well except some of my university teachers, who definitely thought I was weird, I felt better and felt like I was making a difference with every person who realized that they had put on a very sad and depressive face and they adjust it with the tinniest of smiles.

Try it! It feels good!

2 responses to “The smiling game

  1. Foarte tare frate, esti si tu unu-n plus.

  2. Unu-n plus unde, la ce? In joc? Si apoi, era neaparat sa fie un „Foarte tare frate…!” inainte?

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