Daily Archives: august 15, 2007

The smiling game

For a while now I’ve been doing this little experiment related to smiling.

The main idea is that I tried to smile as much as to as many people as possible and checked their reaction.

The motivation was the fact that I considered that Romanians do not smile enough.

The result: well except some of my university teachers, who definitely thought I was weird, I felt better and felt like I was making a difference with every person who realized that they had put on a very sad and depressive face and they adjust it with the tinniest of smiles.

Try it! It feels good!

Sera pentru idealuri inalte

Am spus de nenumarate ori ca daca tot tin umbra pamantului poate cultiv ceva fapte bune care cresc si la umbra.

Nu sunt lipsita de ocupatie si nici nu traiesc ca-n filme, din contra m-as caracteriza mai mult prin cantecul lui Dido: „Life For Rent”. Am insa o mare si puternica pasiune: tricotez idei pana imi iese numai bine un plan pentru a schimba ceva in bine chiar daca de cele mai multe ori nu reusesc decat sa imi fac curat in dulap (cei care ma cunosc inteleg de ce e asta o fapta foarte buna).

Nimic nu e nou! mi se spune constant, conteaza doar cum si cand te hotarasti sa iti faci publica ideea.

Am considerat ca planurile mele ar putea fi neinteresante pentru unii, stupide pentru altii dar vor starni o reactie cat de mica si in speranta ca teoria bulgarelui de zapada nu face discriminari in timp o sa pot spune ca s-a meritat sa imi pun cuvintele pe moate si sa le arunc in cusca leilor.

Idea football

In my „how to change the world” category I’ve decided to put everything that runs through my mind and that could improve my life, your life and life generally.

It’s not meant to be brilliant. It’s just a way of keeping my mind opened and creative and perhaps yours if you shall choose to play this game with me.

Basically if you think one of my posts sounds dumb or if you love it I’ll be expecting your comment and other suggestions.

So this is one of those games in which the number of players is directly proportional with the amount of fun we can have.