Words shape the world!

Maaannnn…7 or 8 months passed since I created this account and I kept expecting for a brilliant idea on which to blog. Well, I decided today that searching is such an annoying occupation and that what I need to say is what I already stated so many times.

The conclusion I drew today is that every single rain drop, breeze and sunshine can shape the world we live in and so do words. It might sound brave or childish but I plan to change things and that is the direction I’m heading to.

For a first uninspired post this will do! I’m coming up soon with newer, better, more interesting stuff:).

3 responses to “Words shape the world!

  1. Two years after this, it seems you’ve kept your promise. 🙂

  2. Well, unfortunately it took me a while to find the right words! 🙂 But it feels good to know somebody does appreciate them…

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